Space-Saving Baby Items

Space-Saving Baby Items


Let’s talk baby stuff. There’s so much out there, it’s overwhelming. And even more so if you have a small home. As a new mama, I remember thinking, “Just tell me the things that are ESSENTIAL to my child surviving,” although we all know everyone has their own opinions about what saved them during mommy-hood. But, let’s talk about the items that saved me some SPACE, because I didn’t want my house leaking baby gadgets from every nook and cranny. I wanted my 1100 square feet to remain free of clutter. So, here you go. A list of baby must-haves that come in compact little packages (generally speaking).

  1. The magical Cosco High Chair: Yes, mamas. A foldable high chair exists and it is FANTASTIC. We’re talking so small that it can fit under your kitchen table or inside your pantry. This high chair is so perfect that it’s been on vacation with us numerous times, taking the place of another bag of clothes for myself (gasp), but it’s. so. worth it!! Forget all those bulky high chairs and even the 3-in-1 high chair-to-booster seats, because I had one of those. This one is the real deal. You can find this magical space-saving high chair at Walmart or on Amazon (why, hello, two-day shipping).
  2. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing: This item is perfect for those mamas who may need the extra space in their living room when baby isn’t drifting lazily in the swing or for those who take lots of road trips. While it’s not as compact as the Cosco high chair, it does fold up nicely and can be stored lickety-split. This is a personal favorite of mine, as it was easy to store after baby number 1 without taking up a ton of space (because, you know, small house). You can find this swing at Target or on Amazon (prime shipping, we meet again).
  3. The Infantino Take & Play Activity Gym and Play Mat: By now, you’ve probably caught on to the general theme of these must-haves and this one does not disappoint…it folds up flat!! This play mat is by far my favorite. Not only is it easily stored during nap time (with a handle for easy moving), but it only takes up a small amount of space when in use. Not to mention, it’s cute, has fun flaps for baby to play with during tummy time, and plenty of swinging toys to grab a hold of. It’s perfect to take along for play dates or even to send to your babysitter’s house. You can find it at Walmart or, as always, Amazon.
  4. A stroller frame: This item is a bit more ambiguous, as I know many mamas have a preference regarding what kind of stroller and car seat they plan on purchasing. However, I highly recommend researching the brand and finding one that has a compact, collapsible stroller frame. The reason being SPACE. We bought a Graco infant car seat as well the compatible Graco stroller frame that is perfect for traveling, both by car or plane. It folds up flat-ish which makes it my favorite when it comes to packing and general storage. You can find the one we bought at Toys”R”Us or Amazon.
  5. The Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper: Mamas, this is, hands-down, my favorite baby item EVER. Not only does it fold up flat, but it’s lightweight which makes it easy to move from room to room (especially if baby is already sleeping in it). This thing will save. your. life!! It’s perfect to keep beside your bed for those first few weeks, not to mention it rocks gently back and forth to help lull your baby to sleep (unfortunately, it does not come with a hand to nudge it…that’s all on you). Once again, it is the BEST for taking on trips, and it’s weight/folding superpowers make it easy even for short day trips like Grandma’s house. You can find it at Target or on Amazon.

So, there you have it! My five baby faves for small spaces. I’d love to hear about items you’ve found that take up less space in your home! Feel free to leave comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Space-Saving Baby Items”

  • A stroller frame is my faaaavorite! Great for small trunks in the car, too! And I love that the playmat folds up flat. Ours is a little bigger and Avie loved it, but now that I’m trying to store it, I kind of wish o had something flat like that!

  • They actually make Rock n Plays that rock themselves now! Where was that 4 years ago when I was hanging over the bed half asleep rocking that thing?! LOL I love the high chair idea.

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