Spread Some Love…

Spread Some Love…

Hey, mamas.

You know those days where you’re at your whit’s end with your littles and trying to figure out how to make them behave once and for all?! (If only they were robots.) Guess what? We all have those days. No mama has it all together.

Last week was one of those long weeks where we needed to get up and out. So, one afternoon after SG’s nap, I packed up the kids and headed to Ramseyer Farms (which, for all of you local mamas, if you haven’t been there, you need. to. go!! It’s so worth it.). We played for a bit and another mom and her kids joined us. We ended up chatting and our boys hit it off which was a plus. From the beginning, I was struck with how calm she was with her son and immediately wished I had her patience.

We met again this week so that our boys could play together. It was sweaty weather, thank you, September (I would pick the hottest day of fall to play outside)! Once again, she was super cool, and when I told her how much I loved her mama skills, she said the same about me. I realized in that moment that us mamas tend to view others’ mothering styles as more patient, kind, positive, and put-together than we do our own. We see our weaknesses so clearly but fail to see the things we’re doing well.

The good news is self-doubt is so easily reversed with encouragement. I’ve heard people say, “A little bit goes a long way,” and that’s especially true with positive words. Today was one of those days where I was struggling to keep it all together, but that little burst of encouragement boosted my attitude. And I punched today in the face, because I was determined to beat it, even though it ended with poop smeared on my freshly scrubbed tub.

The truth is, when we’re feeling less-than, other mamas are feeling the same thing. We’re not alone. Which means those mamas need encouragement too, even if we’ve only known them for a few days. So spread some love today, because I guarantee there’s a mama out there who needs to hear that she’s cool, calm, and collected (especially when she’s mean-mugging that poop smear).

XO, Kayla

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6 thoughts on “Spread Some Love…”

  • Agreed! It’s a judgement filled world out there. As I heard this past weekend at a conference, “You were born an orgingial, so don’t be a copy.” <3

  • First, I have to say, you captured such a sweet picture of Strong!
    I love this blog post. Encouragement for moms is HUGE! We may seem like we have it together, even though we feel like complete disaster inside. We are so quick to compare ourselves with other moms, when in fact we are doing it perfectly, for our child. Us mommas are hard enough on ourselves alone, we don’t need to compare…yet we still do. Being a mom is hard, and you hit the nail on the head with this post. Encourage each other, it could make all the difference that day, for that mom!
    Thank you for all of your sweet words! Your light shines through. You’re a wonderful mom 🙂

    • Same to you, Jenn!! For real. So glad we met, so glad Ivan and Strong are buds, so glad I have your fabulous mom skills rubbing off on me. 🙂

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