The High Chair Every Mama Needs

The High Chair Every Mama Needs


You. Guys.


I cannot say enough things about this glorious high chair. It is every mother’s dream! As a mama who lives in a small house (not to be misunderstood with a tiny house, because there is NO WAY I would survive), this thing is a MUST.


I first found out about the magical Cosco high chair from my mom. She happened upon one at a local surplus store (61 Surplus) and decided it was perfect for her house since it could be stored out of sight (a.k.a. it folds flat…you heard me! I said FLAT.). The first time we used it at her house, I knew I had to have one! I had been using a 3-in-1 high chair-to-booster seat that strapped onto a chair at our kitchen table. While seemingly convenient, it was also frustrating because the seat made it impossible to push the chair underneath the table (and, if you know me, I am a total neat freak and this just didn’t constitute neat). This 3-in-1 seat had been my solution to a small kitchen and little room for a space-sucking high chair. However, it wasn’t cutting it.


3-IN-1 BOOSTER HIGH CHAIR: Large & in-charge!! (sad mama)


COSCO HIGH CHAIR: What high chair?! (joyful mama)


I’ll never forget the day I found my marvelous Cosco high chair. I was getting my hair done at my sister’s salon, The Beehive, and decided to check out the surplus store next door while my color was sitting (is this proper salon verbage? does color sit?). My sister and I were browsing the baby aisles when I saw it…a beautiful Cosco high chair, perfectly tucked away in a corner, like it was waiting just for me. And you betcha, I grabbed it and ran to the checkout!! Like a cheetah. With my foils.


Since its adoption into our family, this beauty has been used daily. It’s also been treated to the occasional trip including camping in Hocking Hills and our family vacation to Lake Chautaqua. Because of the fabulous way it folds up, it is a completely reasonable size to pack in the car, even on a whim. And, if there had been no trunk space, I would even have held it on my lap!! THAT’S how valuable this baby is.


While I love this marvelous high chair, there are almost always aspects of baby items that bug me just a little. Below is my list of pro’s and con’s.



Folds up flat (obviously)

Removable tray with cup holder

Wipeable cloth covering

Easily portable


Lots of cute color/design options



The cloth covering is not removable (unless you remove screws & all that jazz…it’s not worth it to this mama)

The tray is not very wide (normal sized adult plates don’t fit. However, these from Amazon are perfect)

If your toddler is a messy eater, food might get stuck in the tracks that help the tray attach to the chair. This part can be difficult to clean if food is smashed inside it (so far this has been a minimal issue for us).





Despite the negative nancy bullet points above, this high chair was worth. every. penny. And I’d buy it over and over again if I could, even if it was just for traveling! So, do yourself a favor and head on over to Amazon where you can find this glorious high chair for much cheaper than most stores. Or hit up your local surplus store to see if you can score one like I did!


Check out my post here to read about more space-saving baby items like this one!!


XO, Kayla

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