Why Kids Need Homemade Birthday Cakes

Why Kids Need Homemade Birthday Cakes


This past week, we celebrated my niece’s fourth birthday. She is spicy, full of energy, and has an overwhelming love for animals, especially cats. My sister asked me to bake the cake, to which I responded yes, thinking it would be simple with pink frosting and lots of sprinkles. Little did I know, that KJ wanted a kitty cake (insert feelings of mild panic here). Per usual, last week had been insane, and I had completely forgotten to research ideas for this desired cake. So there I was, the night before the party, in the middle of the baking aisle at Walmart, frantically searching Pinterest for an idea on how to decorate a kitty cake. No such luck. I left, knowing my cake would most likely fail in comparison to the screenshots I had saved.

Cue Tuesday (the day of the party) and I was still unsure of how I was going to turn KJ’s cake into a kitty. I decided to tackle the project head-on and made it up as I went. Two uninterrupted hours later (praise God for overlapping naps), I finished the cake and was tickled at how good it turned out.



Prior to this kitty cake, I would have ordered my birthday treats from someone who specializes in crafting elaborate designs out of fondant. Those cakes are prettier, less work for me, and they probably taste better!  But, after seeing KJ’s reaction to the cake her Aunt Kayla made for her, I’m a homemade birthday cake believer. When we showed her the cake, she squealed with excitement and proclaimed, “I LOVE it! This is the best cake EVER!” I could be wrong, but I happen to believe that, while a fancy cake may have been prettier, it was the labor of love from her Auntie that made this cake so special.



As usual, this cake got my wheels turning. I think us mamas often strive in the wrong places. We want to give our children the best which can turn into a) comparing ourselves to other mamas, b) trying to make ourselves look good (because other mamas might be looking at us like we’re looking at them), and c) spending lots of money on things that our kids don’t necessarily care about. Cake is cake! What kids really need is our attention. Seeing their mama work hours on end to make the perfect cake lets them know that we care about their heart and the things they love. It’s a grand gesture that says they are worth spending time on. Kids don’t need an elaborate specialty cake to feel loved. Even though our cake may not be the prettiest thing, it’s the effort that counts in the end.


So there you have it: my case for homemade birthday cakes! I’m a believer and have an odd excitement for SG’s second birthday. He’s currently obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Minions. Back to Pinterest I go!!


While it may not be crafting a cake, find something you can do for your kids to make them feel out-of-this-world awesome. And tell me about it!!


XO, Kayla

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6 thoughts on “Why Kids Need Homemade Birthday Cakes”

  • Love your blog!! I always read but dont comment a lot..But this struck home(: as one who has made countless cakes for neices,nephews and for my kids,nothing compares the look of pure delight when they see the cake. And the confidence in their eyes when they say,Im having a car cake for my birthday,my mom makes the best! And i LOVE the pink kitty!!

  • This cake isn’t adorable! I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know that I ever had a store bought cake. It was the people around it and the homemade frosting on it that made it special. Less is more! 💜

  • Love it! Excellent job on the cake and I agree. Growing up my mom always did homemade cakes with homemade decorations (and as we get older we got to decorate it ourselves which was so fun and I still have memories of it!). Nothing fancy or award-worthy but WAY better than store-bought or ordered. I felt special and loved knowing my mom had made it for me. Homemade gifts and experiences together are far and away the best gifts!

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