My Favorite Wrapping Essentials

My Favorite Wrapping Essentials


Now that I have kids, one of my favorite times to wrap gifts is in the early morning hours. The tree’s warm lights shine throughout the house, giving the darkness a hint of magic. That’s not to say that it’s easy for me to get up, because it. is. not!! But knowing that I’ll have some alone time makes it worthwhile to crawl out of my cozy bed.



I know some of you are probably dragging your feet on the wrapping process, but I’m here to tell you that it’s December 12th!! It is high time to get your wrapping game on. So, to get you excited, I’m going to give you my personal favorites of the three gift-wrapping essentials: tissue paper, wrapping paper, and ribbon. YAY!!

Tissue Paper

If you’re not a regular dollar store shopper, you are missing out!! They have so many great buys, including tissue paper. This is one of those no-brainer dollar store must-haves because tissue paper serves one purpose only: to make your gift look pretty in the 0.2 seconds before the gift opener tears through it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on this!! Our local Dollar Tree has a variety of colors, but my favorite is the white with sparkles. The glitter gives your gift some pizazz without coming out of the paper (meaning no mess). Plus, it’s only $1 for 20 sheets (5 cents/sheet). Do yourself a favor and drive yourself to Dollar Tree ASAP!!


Wrapping Paper

I will admit that I am a wrapping paper snob (I only buy it from Hallmark). This is an area where I don’t skimp, because I want my gifts to look pretty all month long under my tree. Besides the pretty designs, it’s also

a) thick and durable, especially with heavier presents

b) easy to cut because of the handy dandy cutting lines on the inside of the paper

c) just as cheap as Dollar Tree wrapping paper (yes, you read that right. Stay tuned for my tips and tricks on getting Christmas gift wrap at Hallmark for a steal). You just can’t go wrong with this paper!!



One of my favorite steps of gift wrapping is putting the finishing touches on my handiwork with a ribbon. Because I use such bold and festive wrapping paper, I like to go pretty simple to tie it all together (literally and aesthetically). My favorite ribbon is from Pat Catan’s. It’s satin-trimmed (meaning it’s flexible and easy to tie in a bow unlike the paper-y kinds) and comes in large, 20 yard rolls (which basically means it lasts forever). I like to buy various colors so that I can switch it up (plus, you can always use it for other occasions).



I hope this has helped you get in the Christmas gift wrapping spirit!! I’d love to hear your favorites for gift wrapping including tips and tricks (because you can never have enough of those).


XO, Kayla


P.S. Check out my post about how to reduce your spending during the holiday season + my thoughts on minimalism and Christmas!!

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