2018 Declutter Challenge

2018 Declutter Challenge


January 1st.


There’s something about a new year that brings feelings of excitement and invincibility. It’s a fresh start, a chance to change the way we’ve been doing things and maybe even improve on some we’ve done well. 2018 is no different and I, for one, am thrilled to start it off with a fun challenge!


About a year ago, I began a journey of simplification. I was tired of clutter and feeling bogged down by stuff, so I decided to do a purge of my entire home. I went through every closet and cabinet, searched under every bed, and cleared every shelf and knick-knack drawer to rid myself of things I no longer needed or deemed necessary. Three words: Best. Decision. EVER!!


I can’t even begin to describe how freeing it was to get rid of STUFF that I had held on to for reasons like:
-I might lose weight
-I might gain weight
-I might miss it even though I never look at it
-I might offend someone if I get rid of it
-I might need it when I host a party for fancy friends in my future formal dining room
-My kids might want it someday
-My grandkids might want it someday
-Is this an antique?
-It might be valuable
…the list could go on!


But let me tell you, these reasons were so not worth the crowded feeling in my house, heart, and head. After throwing things away, selling stuff on Facebook, and making at least three trips to Goodwill, my house felt like a home again. And you know what? I didn’t miss one. single. thing. (Don’t talk to Nate, however, because he may feel differently.)


So, with the beginning of a new year, I’ve decided to do it all again!! A giant purge. Because, believe it or not, I’ve acquired more stuff this past year (including a new human), and things have got. to. go!! If any of this is ringing a bell with you, I’d love for you to join me. Let’s take our homes back this year!!


So, what do you say, mama? Are you with me?


XO, Kayla

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3 thoughts on “2018 Declutter Challenge”

  • Yay! Cleaning and decluttering leaves me feeling so relaxed. Clutter makes me feel antsy and on edge. I’m with you! 😀 A new year feels like a new slate!

  • Love this blog Kayla!! I started doing this three years ago, each year I start going through things! I already have a box in my car to drop off for Mountain Vision. Im going to join you for another go through! I love clearing clutter, my basement and my kids old toys is a big struggle for me, so reading this has helped so much!! Here’s to 2018!

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