Cleaning Can Be Fun (No, Really!!)

Cleaning Can Be Fun (No, Really!!)


Hey, mamas!


January is done and gone which is UNBELIEVABLE. The older I get, the more I realize that all the adults were right…time flies!! With that being said, the brightness of the New Year may have worn off a little. But, I’m here to shine it up a bit!!


I am a classic clean-aholic. I am semi-obsessed with a clean house, organization, and clutter-free zones which means I spend a lot of time with my messy bun, rolled up sweatpants, a mop in one hand and a dust mitt in the other.


But, let’s get real. Cleaning can get old REAL quick. So since we have to do it, why not make it fun?


Here are my favorite ways to spice up the cleaning experience:



Light a candle. I know this sounds crazy, but a candle does wonders to get your cleaning off on the right foot. Your house might not be clean, but it will smell good, am I right?! My new candle obsession is a local company, The Selah Life. The owner just so happens to be a bestie from high school’s sister who shares my birthday! She has amazing seasonal scents as well as household staples like Banana Bread, Creme Brulee, and Berry Cheesecake (if that’s not enough to make you salivate, than something is wrong. with. you.). Do yourself a favor and go check out The Selah Life!!


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Listen to a podcast. This is my new favorite way to clean!! I have a wide range of topics that I listen to including faith, relationships, mom advice, life hacks, home decor, inventions, business, and more. If you’ve never listened to a podcast, it’s honestly amazing how quickly you can get your chores done while listening to a bunch of women (and men) talk about life. (Sign up below this post to get the list of my 10 personal favorites!)


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Watch Netflix. This just so happens to be my husband’s favorite way to clean the kitchen every Saturday night. The “must” for this tip is being stationary, because it’s pretty hard to watch your favorite TV show while vacuuming or dusting your house. But, if you’re standing at the kitchen sink with a load of dirty dishes, it’s the perfect time to precariously set your phone on the windowsill, press play on your favorite episode of Parks & Rec, and get crankin’!!



Kid Swap. You. GUYS. This idea is going to transform your life. A girlfriend and I just started this in January and it has been amazing! Here’s how it works: every other week, we trade kids for 2 hours. I take her daughter the first week and she takes my wild cats the next. If you’re a mama, you know how hard it is to get a lot done and keep it that way when your kids are home. When kid swapping, it’s amazing a) how much I can get done and b) how fast those two hours go by, which means less dread for the C-word. If you have a friend nearby, consider trying this for the month of February!! (P. S. If you’re looking for ways to save money this year, this is a good place to start! For more ideas, check out my last post about money-saving tips.)


Don’t let cleaning be mundane and monotonous!! You are worth so much more than the daily drudgery of the old clean-up routine. Try one of the tips above or branch out and create your own favorite way to make cleaning a bit more exciting.


Don’t forget to pick up a candle at The Selah Life, sign up below for my podcast recommendations, and talk to a friend about trading kiddos every few weeks. Make it work for YOU.


XO, Kayla

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