Simplify Your Cleaning Routine

Simplify Your Cleaning Routine


I am a clean freak.


This impulse can be a strength, but it can also be my greatest weakness when paired with motherhood.


There are some that aren’t phased by the scattered toys and dust bunnies behind the couch, but I have to be honest-I’m not one of them. Early on in my mamahood journey, I strived to be one of those mamas. I wanted so badly to be able to ignore the mess, but I just couldn’t turn my brain off, which forced me to choose: time with my son or time spent cleaning and missing those sweet mama moments.


Since those early months, I’ve gained another child, meaning less time.


Less time for naps.

Less time to keep a tidy home.

Less time for one-on-one moments with each child.

Less time to waste.


Because of all the “less,” I’ve completely changed the way I clean my home. Rather than my focus being the entire house having to be clean at once, I’ve shifted my focus to simply cleaning one thing at a time. Here’s what that looks like:


I sweep my kitchen floor (almost) every night after dinner. Anyone who has kids knows how dirty those floors get. And every time I sweep, I’m shocked that all of that accumulated in just one day!!


I break up my chores for a specific day of the week. By doing this, I find my time spent cleaning is minimal and doesn’t take away from my kids.

(Monday: Tidy up // Tuesday: Kitchen // Wednesday: Laundry // Thursday: Dust & Vacuum // Friday: Bathroom)


I make sure all my dishes are either washed or in the dishwasher every night. This one is huge because NO MAMA wants to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes.


I put all my clean laundry away as soon as it’s folded. This is more about reducing “clutter” which adds stress to our mama brains the longer we see it sitting there.


None of these are crazy hard to do. They require being intentional every day, rather than letting all the things pile up until I feel as if I’m drowning. They allow me to spend just a little time each day so that I have more time in the end.


More time to relax during nap time.

More time to build towers, read books, and share giggles.

More time to breathe.

More time to be the mom who isn’t so focused on her home, but rather on her kids.


Maybe you struggle with the same thing. My advice: take a step back and look at your daily routines. Are there a few small tasks you can do to make each day a bit easier? Is there a certain day of the week where one chore might make more sense due to your schedule? Make it work for your life.


You got this, mama!!


XO, Kayla


P.S. This journey of simplifying all began about a year ago when I desired to get more out of life than the overwhelming stress I was feeling. Read a little about my story here.


P.P.S. A resource that I’ve used a lot lately in order to tackle those long jobs like cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen is a podcast mentioned in my latest email, The Lazy Genius Podcast. Her gives step-by-step instructions have transformed the way I clean those hard spaces. Sign up below to get more podcast ideas straight to your inbox!!

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