3 Lists That Will Save You Money

3 Lists That Will Save You Money


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I am a notorious list maker. You know, the one that has “make a list for __________” on their To Do list. And while that can be a bit over the top, there are a few key lists that have changed my life.


Now, before all the free spirits close this tab, hear me out. The point of a list is to remind you of the things you need & the things you want to remember. A list doesn’t have to box you in, because it’s YOUR list. It can be whatever you want, however you want it.


With that being said, I’ve found the lists that are most helpful to me are the ones that affect my budget. Every mama wants to save money, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out where we can make a change. These lists are about simplifying certain areas of our lives, thereby saving a few bucks. Here are my faves!!


Grocery List

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This one is crucial. Us mamas are notorious for not making a list, being rushed, and then buying everything in sight. A grocery list keeps us accountable for the things we actually need rather than the pickles your son wants, the cereal you’re hungry for, and the double chocolate chip muffins you’ve been craving (definitely not speaking from experience). In my experience, the best way to successfully build a grocery list is by meal planning. I personally love using this “What to EAT” notepad. It’s simple, magnetic, and keeps me organized from week to week. This is a topic we’ll be diving into come March!!


Kids Clothes

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This one has been life changing for me. I keep a list of the clothes I already have for my kids on my phone. I started doing this about a year ago when I kept finding good deals on clothes but could never remember what I actually needed. Time after time, I would come home with jeans only to discover that I already had 4 pairs of jeans in that particular size. By keeping a list of the clothes I already have, I’ve made it easier to buy the necessities rather than always buying duplicates. Here are some screenshots of what my kids’ lists look like:






Christmas Gift Ideas

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I am the girl that starts making my Christmas list for the following year on December 26th. Every year, my family asks me what I want for Christmas and I can’t think of a single thing!! So, rather than panicking at the last minute, I’ve started writing down ideas as they come to me throughout the year. It’s been terrific, because by the time October rolls around, I have a solid list of things for them to choose from.

Along with keeping a list for myself, I’ve also started keeping a list for my family members. I love being able to surprise them with something they mentioned months prior to December. Although small, this Christmas gift list has saved me money by enabling me to shop early and get great deals throughout the year. Just like #2, I keep these lists on my phone, because they’re easily accessible whenever I have one of those lightbulb moments. Below is a screenshot of the list I’ve already started for myself (I’d share Nate’s but then I’d give away all my great ideas!!):



Are you a list maker? Are there any lists you keep that save you money or just make life a bit easier? Which of these are you excited to try? Comment it up!!


XO, Kayla


P.S. If you’re interested in preparing for Christmas now rather than scrounging at the last minute, sign up below to get my Christmas Gift Budget guide. It will walk you through how to save in order to keep you on track when December hits.


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2 thoughts on “3 Lists That Will Save You Money”

  • Kayla, I LOVE the kids clothes list idea! I catch myself at the store or seeing a bargain/deal and I forget what all they have currently and what they need. This is awesome, thanks girl!
    *The other lists you mentioned I already do, and YES!, saves money and time, love it!

    • YES!! The kids clothes was life-changing. I should have mentioned that it also saves you gas money because you decrease the number of returns you have to make!! 🙂

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