My Favorite ALDI Finds

My Favorite ALDI Finds


ALDI. It is my obsession every. single. week.  Our family has been shopping there consistently for several years and I still haven’t tired of going!!


If you’ve never been there, it’s a shopping experience unlike any other. You can read here about why I love it, but today I want to share my favorite ALDI finds, which are in NO particular order. My goal is to either get you to try ALDI for the first time, or to branch out and try something new!!



ALDI is, hands down, my favorite place to buy produce. It’s inexpensive which provides you an easy way of making the healthy choice rather than one that is cost efficient. Their selection is vast and they have an entire section for those who like to shop organic.



I decided to make this one gigantic category because there are so many gluten-free (GF) things I love. I have been GF for about five years now and am always on the hunt for a new favorite GF food, because, let’s be honest, sometimes they’re hard to come by! Thankfully, this isn’t the case at ALDI. Their GF brand is called liveGfree, and I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. Here are some of my current faves.



These Black Sesame chips are great solo or with some red pepper hummus. They also have a Sweet Chili version that is SO GOOD if you like a little bit of kick.


I also love these Sea Salt crackers. They’re perfect for a bologna and cheese tray or on their own (*ahem* I say “cheese tray” despite the fact that I hate cheese & have no idea if they’re actually good when combined with said food, but you cheese people usually eat it with crackers, so here you go.)



These baking kits are DELISH. The brownies are gooey and the pancakes are fluffy, as they should be. I haven’t tried the white cake mix, but judging by the other two, I’d say it’s a safe bet that it’s all sorts of wonderful.


Not pictured is their GF pasta. They have several varieties but each one we’ve tried is better than most other brands.



First of all, if you don’t love hummus, something is wrong. with. you. Second, if you do love hummus, GO TO ALDI. It is, hands down, my favorite hummus out there. They have so many varieties, but my go-to is this Hummus Quartet. It features four different flavors and is perfect for those indecisive moments (do I want classic or roasted red pepper this week??).



I’ve got to be honest, I’m a little snobbish about tortilla chips. I hate when they’re too salty, and I also don’t like when they’re round. ALDI has several options to choose from, but these Restaurant Style Tortilla Triangles are my fave. They come in a ginormous bag, and they’re cheap to boot. Go get some!!



This is for all you snackers (hello, family)!! ALDI has some top-notch trail mix that is perfect on the go. This Cranberry & Nut mix is my personal favorite because it’s dairy-free, but if you’re not worried about that, there’s a bunch more to choose from.



Per usual, ALDI has several varieties of nut butters, including cashew butter which is fantastic, but a special shout out goes to this organic peanut butter that has one ingredient: peanuts. They also have raw honey which is delicious, as well as agave which I often use in various baking recipes when substituting for sugar.



A special shout-out to my homie, Sprouted 7 Grain Bread. We are besties. It’s delicious, healthier than most breads, and saves me from baking my own.



We are a dairy-free family but still crave milk. Hello, Almond Milk!! ALDI has a fantastic selection, of which we love the Chocolate (obviously). I’ll admit, it’s a bit thinner than other brands, but the taste can’t be beat. (And as you can see from the picture, other people must love it too because it was picked over the day I took pictures!)



If you haven’t tried one of ALDI’s salad mixes, today’s the day. If you’re in a jam for a side, these will make you look like you’ve got it all together (shhhh. No one has to know you literally just dumped it into a bowl five seconds ago). Everything you need comes in the bag, including toppings and dressing.  They’re currently selling the three pictured above, but my absolute favorite is a cranberry salad mix that they often have in the summer. Fingers crossed it shows up this year!!



We are an olive oil family. ALDI has several to choose from, including Grape Seed Oil which they’ve recently started carrying.


(P.S. For anyone that has read the word EVOO in recipes and just skipped over it like I used to because I didn’t know what it was…Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You’re welcome.)



You guys. I love chicken salad. There was a day, before my first pregnancy, that I despised the stuff. Then I became pregnant. And suddenly I craved it. And then I discovered this Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad. It is all sorts of wonderful and I suggest you hop in your car and pick some up ASAP. (It’s great with the GF crackers I mentioned up above, which is how I often eat it myself.)



ALDI has some fantastic pizzas, but our favorite is this Five Cheese Traditional Crust. It’s cheap, huge, and you can add all the toppings you love at home!



You know those days where you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make eggs? These sandwiches are LIFE. They’re microwaveable and delicious and I often make myself a chocolate protein shake to go alongside one. My favorite? Turkey Sausage.



If you have kids, you know you use A LOT of tissues. ALDI’s got your back! These boxes are 99 cents AND they have lotion which is a win win. I usually dig through all the boxes to find my favorite pattern: birds.



Ok, mamas. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for (even if you didn’t know it). ALDI has an entire line of baby stuff called Little Journey. This includes diapers, wipes, formula, food packets, and snacks. The entire line is cheaper than any other brand I’ve found, and they pride themselves on their quality by giving moms what they want.



Let’s talk diapers. Every mama needs them, but hates spending the money. ALDI has quality diapers from size NB to 6, as well as pull-ups. They are cheaper per diaper than any other store, including Amazon Prime with “Subscribe and Save” (sorry, Amazon). The diapers themselves are not as plush as Pampers or Huggies, but I’ve had less leaking problems with these than the name brands.



As far as baby nutrition goes, ALDI is where it’s at. I had to supplement my oldest from the very beginning, and we used Little Journey Advantage formula, which would compare to a basic Similac. ALDI also carries Gentle for sensitive stomachs and Soy for those kiddos that need a dairy-free supplement.


The baby food packets at ALDI are my current fave. I made most of my own baby food with my oldest, but the second time around, it was one of the things I chose not to do because #time. ALDI eases the burden of mom guilt, as their foods are organic and most are simply green beans + water, or butternut squash + water. I feel confident and safe feeding these to my babies!! (P.S. They’re only 79 cents. Say WHAT?!)


I’m stopping here, even though I seriously have like fifty other things I love. My hope is that you’ll try something new and if you haven’t been to ALDI, you’ll drop everything and GO. Like, today. Like, right now.


What are your favorite ALDI finds? Is there anything new you’d like to try?


XO, Kayla


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  • GF chicken nuggets have been a staple in our house since we had kids but not for the reason you think. I used to make Tyler homemade gf nuggets with all my different flours but found those instead. Much quicker 😛 He goes through about a bag every other week

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