Why I Started Waxing (& Why You Should Too!!)

Why I Started Waxing (& Why You Should Too!!)


Disclaimer: There’s going to be a loooot of honesty in this post and possibly some TMI, but, heck, this is stuff you need to know!! So here goes nothing.


My mom is a Shetler, and while that may mean nothing to you, it affects me big time. Shetler women are every kind of loud, curvy in all the right ways, and hairy in all the wrong ones. Two of those three are on my list of favorites while one of them is definitely not (I’ll let you guess which one). So, I guess it starts there with my Shetler blood.


I’ve always had thick, coarse hair that is dark as can be. Shaving has been my nemesis for years because my smooth skin only lasts for several hours after the laborious event. And to top it off, I’ve had problems with severely ingrown hairs and razor burn. I’ve tried every sort of shaving cream, shaving gel, razor, lotion, sugar scrub, body butter, you name it, but nothing ever solved these issues. That is, until I started waxing.


It was my sister who talked me into it. She had been waxing her armpits for about a year and was loving it. I, on the other hand, had PTSD from that one time I thought it might be a good idea before my wedding. But, as always, I can be talked into almost anything, so I agreed to grow my armpit hair for two weeks.


Before & after of first wax


Let’s just say, our timing wasn’t the best, as she was scheduled for surgery, and two weeks ended up being three and a half before we finally got to waxing those stanky pits. I was all sorts of nervous laughing before she pulled off the strip, but was absolutely shocked. My skin was *literally* the smoothest it had ever been and the pain was tolerable. Five days later, my skin was STILL SMOOTH. Say what?! The hair that finally grew back was minimal, and the second round of waxing was easier than the first. It was that experience that sold me on waxing.


Fast forward a few months and I had my own little waxing kit at home. My sister had told me what to buy and I had been waxing my own armpits for several weeks. Chalk it up to my so-called “experience” or maybe an odd sort of bravery, but I decided to try waxing my bikini area one night (don’t try this at home). It started out great, but as you may have guessed, it ended with a large strip of muslin adhered to my skin with a LOT of wax while I tried positive self-talk, countdowns, and deep breathing to encourage myself to pull that sucker off. Let’s just say, my favorite Wax Off Cream did the trick, and I had to finish the job at a later date due to my depleted supply of pain tolerance.



Since that night, I have been confidently waxing both my armpits and bikini area and plan to start my legs during pants season (‘cause nobody likes hairy legs + shorts). In case you’re still not sold, here are the things I love most about waxing:


  1. No razor burn/bumps/ingrown hairs: I realize everyone has different genetic makeup, so this is probably not universal, but take it from the girl who once saw a surgeon because she thought an ingrown hair might be cancerous (it was a nickel-sized lump). Since waxing, I have had ZERO ingrown hairs and ZERO issues with raw skin due to shaving. This is huge!!
  2. Less hair: You probably weren’t planning on a science lesson but I’ll make it short. Hair typically grows in three stages, so after you wax, hair that is in the first cycle is what grows back. Most women typically see smoother and finer hair, which is a win, win if you ask me!!
  3. It lasts longer than shaving: The trick here is to wax the current growth of hair prior to when the next cycle begins. Everyone’s body is different, but if you’re paying attention, you’ll start to notice your growth pattern. My armpit typically stays hair free for five days, while my bikini area stays hair free for about a week and a half or longer (hello, vacation).
  4. Get through the first wax, and the second is nearly pain-free (less growth, remember?).
  5. Skin that feels like silk: You guys. This one is legit. Shaving never gave me that silky clean skin, but, boy oh boy, does waxing do the trick!! Your armpits will feel like a baby’s bum and it’s a glorious thing.


In case you’re ready to take the plunge, all my waxing faves are below:





This wax warmer: It’s cute, it comes in a variety of different colors, and it’s cheap (I chose pink, of course).


This wax: I have sensitive skin and GiGi’s All Purpose Honee wax has been a dream for me. 



These spatulas: You only need one per waxing sesh (unless you’re messy which may be the case the first time or two). A pack of 100 will last you forever!! 



These muslin strips: I like these bigger strips because you can always cut them if you need them to be smaller. I use about one per armpit each time I wax, and 5-10 on my bikini area depending on the day. 



This cream: GiGi Wax Off helps remove any build up from the wax that didn’t come off with the strip. Without this lifesaver, I may still have a huge clump of wax stuck to my nether regions!! (I only use about a pea size per armpit, so it lasts a loooong time.) 



This sugar scrub: Exfoliating before waxing can help to ease hair removal while exfoliating after can help cleanse the skin and keep pores clean. Stress Relief from Bath and Body Works is my favorite, but it can be a bit pricey. Tree Hut also has a sugar scrub that’s quite a bit cheaper and smells pretty dreamy, too. I typically only exfoliate my bikini area which has really helped to soothe the skin. 


I hope this gives you a little nudge to join the waxing family because it is well worth it!! Any and all questions are welcome, and if you feel embarrassed asking a question on the blog, come find me on Instagram (@practicallyjoyful)!! I’d love to share my experience with you and give you any tips + tricks of the trade.


XO, Kayla


*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated via the affiliate links in this post. All products mentioned are ones that I’ve used, and come with my personal recommendation. I am an independent blogger and all opinions expressed here are my own.

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