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Hi, friends!! Welcome to the Practically Joyful blog!! Here’s a little bit about me and my heart behind this space.


My name is Kayla. I’m a pastor’s wife, mama to two, and an OB nurse. I’m a lover of all things navy, I believe breakfast should never been eaten after the acceptable brunch time of 11am, and I might be having a (not-so) secret love affair with Netflix (I mean, who isn’t?). I’m kind of obsessed with talking about birth (duh) and love coming alongside women during some of the hardest, yet beautiful hours of their lives. I love trying new recipes (thankfully, I have a husband who’s willing to taste just about anything) and spend a vast majority of my days chasing after my wild toddler and wiping spit-up off my clothes. Glamorous, huh?!


Life as a mom is busy and full of emotions, but I believe joy can be present through it all, even in the mundane. I have a love and passion for helping mamas find their joy in practical, every day kind of ways. I talk about mamahood including things I love, things I don’t, and how to make that 5 o’clock hour easier. I also talk about finances, ways to budget, and how to cut costs because that is one area that has brought so much freedom to our family’s life. I’ll even occasionally share bits of our story with you. No matter what you read, know this: this is a space where you will find an encouraging and supportive community without judgment or comparison. We’re all doing our best to muddle through the whirlwind of mamahood, and I am your biggest cheerleader. Let’s spur each other on in our mamahood journeys!!


I hope you find some tools, tips, and tricks that will change the way you do life and the way you raise your tribe!!


XO, Kayla

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